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Hello World!!

By guest, Apr 11 2014 08:15PM

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Mar 20 2015 08:02PM by JJ

this is in fact just a test

May 14 2015 08:15AM by Joachim Wagner

Hello, I have buyed some CDs by Scribendum: I remember especially Reger with Schmidt-Isserstedt and Mahler with Flipse/Morris. The digitaltranfer of the recording of Morris I am not really happy with. It sounds very sharp (I have the Philips LP-Box).
I am interested in folliwing Boxes, but I am hesitating because of my experience with the mahler 8th/10th. ... Konwitschny is (mostly) released by Edel and Beinum in Japanese transfers and by Decca / Philips. Mostly important would be for me the Horenstein-Box. I have the Unicorn-CDs (the are not bad, but also not really good) and the are bad manufactured (material). The all have very limited time to be played! They get golden colour and then suddenly they connot be played ...
Can anybody (may be somebody at Scribendum?) tell me something about the issues here of HORENSTEIN (also Beinum and Konwitschny)?
Thank You - Joachim Wagner

Feb 21 2016 03:16PM by John Fisher

Just listening to the Leibowitz box set. Really marvellous playing and first class sound from the early 1960s. Engineered in the main by the great Kenneth Wilkinson. Leibowitz is not a conductor I have listened to before but his interpretations are fresh and appear to be newly thought through. His tempi in the Beethoven symphonies seem to be nearer the metronome markings that the composer specified. Highly recommended and great value for money. This is what stereo recordings should sound like!

Sep 1 2016 05:11AM by John Gayley

Like Mr. Fischer I also recently purchased the Leibowitz set, after having heard about these performances. I was very pleased, both with the renditions and the sonics of the set. I heartily second John Fischer's comments. just purchased the Horenstein box, mainly for the Mahler 6 it contains...along with the Brahms (the other recordings in the box I have already). but it was worth the price for the Horenstein 6....thanks for making available. Now, onto the Art of Beinum boxes.....all the best....hope youre healthy and well.

Jan 30 2017 11:51PM by Joe

I've been listening to the Vegh Quartet box set and it's excellent, the playing is superb and the remastering very good indeed, the Beethoven quartets are amongst the best I've ever heard. One small criticism is that I would love to have had a nice booklet to accompany the set, I think this is important in this age of the MP3, even a 12 Page Booklet with a good essay about the Vegh Quartet would have been sufficient. Please, all you good folk at Scribendum put booklets with future box sets. Keep up the excellent work! There is so much lovely music on this set.

Apr 27 2018 05:26PM by mostropovich

Thank you!!!

Apr 27 2018 05:26PM by mostropovich

Thank you!!!

Apr 27 2018 05:34PM by mostropovich

Dear John, Thanks for your comments and good wishes for my health. In fact, the Meniere syndrome I have been coping with for over thirty years is still with me but with less "brutal" violence than in the past... so I do hope, too....

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